When Is the Best Time of Year to Look for a Job?
Rene Cheng
When Is the Best Time of Year to Look for a Job?
When you are looking for a job, there could be times you might find positions that are not as ideal as you hope to be. However, how do companies determine when is the best time to hire someone new for their teams? Luckily, every company has its budget and time set for its hires; therefore, learning more about how the hiring team works is a great strategy for your job search. Let’s pause though, how would a candidate know how the hiring teams work? While this may be confidential information (and differentiates) with companies, let’s talk about when companies release tons of job openings when the best time of the year is to look for a job. 

Full disclaimer, companies usually hire all of the time year-round; however, it depends on other factors like budget, resources, bonuses, etc., that may contribute to the hiring trend within the company. 
January & February - New Year, New Job
It is like a common new year resolution, new year, new me, new year, new job (You get what I mean, I am sure you have some goals you want to achieve for the upcoming year!) If you take this as a resolution, you may know why many people land a new job during the first month of the new year.

Let’s get back to why January and February are the best time to look for a job from the company perspective. Many companies will resume delayed hiring activity from November and December due to holiday vacations, says Matt Brown, CEO at Bonsai. It might be slower towards the end of the year, but companies and the hiring teams tend to pick up their pace starting middle of January. 

Another reason that may contribute to this fact is companies usually finalize their hiring budget for the year during January and February. So, you may see several new job vacancies after the holidays. 

September & October - Underrated Months
Thomas Hawkins, the Head of Recruiting at Electrician Apprentice, says September and October are some of the most underrated months to look for the job because most seasonal hires end in August. Summer internships or part-time jobs usually last around 2-3 months (June to August); therefore, September and October are traditionally the busiest to look for full-time employees. 

Once we hit November, businesses will start to slow down due to the holiday season. 
April & May - Internships & Summer Jobs
As mentioned in the previous section, September and October tend to be busier in hiring for full-time positions; however, if you are a college student, your best bet to look for an internship is around April, even early March! Many internship positions are usually finalized by the end of May, and the application process is generally open for 30 days. Are you thinking of interning during the summer? April & May is your best time to look for them! 

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June to August - Jobs Take Vacations, Too! 
This reason also brings us to another point that June to August is usually not the best time to look for a job. Jason McMahon, a Digital Specialist at Bambrick, says that most businesses spend their human resources budgets well before summer arrives, which means that hiring managers and recruiters aren’t actively looking for candidates during these months. In addition, by this time of the year, companies are set on temporary hires like interns. 
Companies are hiring all year round.
Finally, we want to give you a piece of advice that timing is key in terms of job search. Lattice Hudson, the Founder of Lattice & Co., says job hunting is all about timing. Getting your resume in front of the appropriate individual at the proper time is critical. To maximize your job search efforts, it is best to keep an eye on hiring trends throughout the year and submit your application whenever you see fit. While almost all companies are hiring throughout the year, the key to landing a job is be consistent and to get hired in any month. 
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