Ask A Recruiter A Question: “What To Do When Juggling Between Multiple Job Offers” 
Patricia Montville
3 Jun 2021
Question: What Should I Do If I Have An Offer But Also Currently Interviewing For Other More Desirable Opportunities? - JobSeer User 
The job market is wide open right now, and if you are looking for a new opportunity, this is a great time to start applying. As a recruiter, I am seeing a lot of companies are hiring already! One of the questions I have gotten lately from job seekers is “What do I do if I have an offer but also currently interviewing for other desirable opportunities?” First and foremost, congratulations! This is a great problem to have as it boosts your confidence after a long exhausting journey of job searching. 

So, what should you do? 
The goal is to craft a response in the most professional possible way to avoid cutting out any “connections.” Let’s walk through this process together. 

First, for any offer you receive, it is vital to request the offer in writing. No job offers are truly official until you have it in writing in some sort of contract. Once you have received an offer through a contract, as a candidate, you can now evaluate the offer against the other possible opportunities that you are also considering. 

You may ask yourself these questions while debating between offers: 

“Is this a growth opportunity?” 

“How does it compare to the other positions?”

“Does this job fit my needs and growth without considering factors like compensation, benefits, and location?”

“What is it I care about the most in this position/offer?”

Once you have answered these questions in your head or on a piece of paper, you will most likely have a clearer picture of which position gets you the most excited about your career and personal growth. 

Second, ask for more time to decide. Ideally, you should have told your interviewer that you are actively applying and interviewing. Once you have received the offer letter, thank the recruiter/hiring manager for the opportunity, reiterate your excitement for the position, and agree upon a timeline for the final answer - which is signing the offer letter to accept the opportunity! It is completely reasonable to ask for time to decide; asking for 5 or 6 days to choose is both reasonable and expected. Of course, you do not need to say you have other opportunities you are considering, because as a recruiter, I can tell you that companies do not like to be a “second-choice.” 

Now, you are in the “driver’s seat” between the two offers. You may take this time to reevaluate the two offers while thanking the other companies who offered you an opportunity. Remember to be honest and show enthusiasm that you are excited about the opportunity. 

The trick is to juggle around each job offer with professionalism and without cutting out any valuable connections. If you have a question, ask the recruiter/hiring manager. Try to get as much information as you need to ensure that you know what you are accepting. There is no perfect answer to which offer you should accept. It is based on your personal needs and what you look for in a company and position. 

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