What Is The Most Critical Part Of A Job Description?
Rene Cheng
Job descriptions can be long and exhaustive with company information, qualifications, requirements, recommended skills, and so forth. On average, people spend around 1:41 minutes reading the job description. 1:41 minutes might sound short. Still, if you think about it, that’s a lot of unnecessary time involved where you can most likely spend more time polishing your resume or cover letters and even network with others. This article will explain the essential portion of the job description you should consider reading and why reading the job description is vital in your job search. 

1. Look for numbers 
It is critical to look for numbers - why? Because numbers can determine whether you are the right fit for the position instantly. For instance, if you are a recent graduate looking to obtain an entry-level position, and if you see numbers like “8 years of experience” in the required section, you will probably need to go to the second job description. 

2. Qualifications / Who You Are Section
Read through the qualifications to see if you match what the company is looking for. It may be many bullet points, but you should read whether you have some or no qualities the company asks for before you click apply. 

3. Responsibilities
The responsibilities section is another in which you should considering reading because understanding what you are getting into can help you in your interview. Instead of massively applying to all the jobs you see, you should always look into the responsibilities. There are times when the job titles are different from what you expected, but the duties could be similar to your ideal position. 

Staying organized is critical in a job search process to ensure all applications are sent, the write resumes and cover letters are sent. Therefore, reading a job description is no surprise. There are times when we just skim through the job description, assuming that we know what the position is all about. There are also times in which we want to save time and skip the description. 

JobSeer released the Mini Box, a compact view, to make the job search process more convenient. The Mini Box consists of the most critical parts of your candidacy, like Match Score, Company Insights, and Visa Sponsorships Information, so that users may read the job description seamlessly while avoiding any unnecessary browser tabs to consume all information at once. 

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