Top 3 AI-Powered Tool For Modern Job Seekers In 2021
Rene Cheng
The internet changed the face of job search, and the authentic traditional job search techniques seem to be shying away. Many used to go through newspapers, phone books, and other resources for their job search. However, in today’s modernized job search techniques, people use job search sites like LinkedIn for networking purposes and applying for jobs. In such a vast talent pool, almost everyone has a profile on various job search sites to showcase their experiences and qualifications to find a job. However, many still don’t seem to find a job of their choice and face many roadblocks in the process. What are some other ways and techniques that can help push the candidate slightly closer to the recruiters, so finding a job becomes easier? These are the top 3 popular AI-powered job search and career development tools for modern job seekers to help them strategize their job search process while tackling the most common job search frustrations. 

Job Searching & All In One: JobSeer
Hiretual, an AI Candidate Search & Data Hub, launched JobSeer, designed to assist job seekers in cutting through the long exhaustive job listings on traditional job boards by detecting, highlighting, and prioritizing the most relevant jobs on preferences and qualifications. This is a free AI-powered tool compatible with the largest job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and even Handshake. JobSeer provides you a match score by analyzing your skills and resume to indicate your candidacy for the position. On top of that, you can also use recruiters’ and employees’ contact finder to expand your networking opportunities and find the right job. JobSeer is one extension that makes all of your job search efforts. You can simply install JobSeer in two clicks and start using its innovative features to strategize your job searching process. 
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Resume Building: Rezi 
Resumes are the main piece of document you need to find a job. Besides crafting a well-written resume, understanding ATS is just as crucial in today’s modernized job search process. is known to be an AI-powered tool to help job seekers create an ATS-friendly resume. It builds resumes to help ensure job seekers’ resumes have a chance to be seen by a recruiter. Rezi uses technology, design, and resume knowledge to create resumes faster and more effectively for job seekers. So job seekers can spend less time creating a resume and spend more time finding a job and preparing for interviews. 
 ATS Resume Builder with Rezi.
Rezi has over 100 positive reviews about their incredible features. Avi G. got hired from Amazon after using Rezi’s AI-powered ATS resume builder. Rezi helps to focus on the content keywords on the resume instead of the formatting, and that is exactly what a candidate needs to focus on when applying for jobs. In Rezi, you can pick from various resume templates, so you don’t have to worry about formatting when crafting your resume. 

Interviewing: LinkedIn’s Interview Preparation Feature 
LinkedIn came out with a feature to help assist job seekers in preparing for their interviews. Virtual interviews, no doubt, are already taking over traditional face-to-face interviews. Therefore, LinkedIn launched a new AI-powered interview feedback tool to analyze job seekers’ speech content and patterns to help refine candidates’ interviewing skills. This feature will detect the pace while you speak, see any filler words like “umm” or “hmm,” sensitive phrases, and provide tips on improving interview responses. This is an excellent way for many job seekers to boost their confidence improve their interview skillset. This feature helps candidates to stand out in front of employers whole preparing the best virtual interviews. All LinkedIn users are accessible for this feature, however, Premium users may receive exclusive expert-review answers. 
LinkedIn Interview Preparation Feature
Job search techniques are consistently changing over time, especially with COVID-19. Many are adjusting to this new normal, and so is the job search process. Job seekers should try to follow up with all these job search trends to ensure they are on the right track to find a job in a crowd of other competitors in the market. Online tools help assist job seekers in their job search process and are constantly improving to provide a more seamless job search experience for all job seekers around the globe. To find a job, it takes time and patience. As job search sites are expanding and updating available positions, job seekers should learn these modern job search trends and utilize these job search tools to find a job that they love! From job search, resumes and cover letters, and interviews, tools are there to help job seekers land a job they want. 
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