Real-Life Experience: Transition from Student to a Full-Time Employee During The Pandemic
Rene Cheng

The thought of working in a real competitive market can be overwhelming. The thought of “not fitting in” again after feeling relieved from adjusting from high school to college. The idea of “what I want to do” even majoring in something you are interested in. There are a lot of uncertainties, and a lot of thought comes to it. From personal experience, I would say the transition from college to a full-time professional was not easy. I honestly had a hard time adjusting to it, especially having the global pandemic involved. 

Let me just get it straight. I was excited to be working because I felt like I was finally able to impact the world. Was I scared? Heck yeah! Did I do a lot of job searching? Heck yeah! Did I have connections? Heck yeah! Did I have backup plans? Heck yeah! Let me tell you that my entire job search process was never flowers and butterflies, and there were a lot of roadblocks. 

You know the feeling that you feel you are not good enough because you are an entry-level professional? Yep, I had that feeling, but I tried my best not to allow my imposter syndrome to override my potential and efforts. I told myself that I am dedicated to my work, experiences, and efforts, allowing my personality to shine in front of employers. 

Internship to a Full-Time Position 
I would say I am relatively lucky to be fully employed at a company that offered me an internship opportunity. During my internship, I tried my hardest to learn every single thing that was taught. There isn’t a lot of business value type of classes you can take or job search courses offered. So the internship experience made me value a lot more in the market and allowed me to understand more about the business world. 

The First Job Is Not Your Life-Long Career
There is a lot of stress when it comes to the first job. As a recent graduate, you might think your first job might be your lifelong career, but it is not always the case. While our minds get invested in thinking that our first job might be everything, we should be a little bit more flexible. Your first job might be where you learned the most about business. You could have a lot of chances to know how the industry works in different aspects. If you don’t like it, change it. It is not a big deal and a massive deal-breaker if you don’t want your first job. Instead, have a mindset that you are learning and experiment with different business aspects to narrow what your interests are. 

Visibility Is Everything
Many career coaches and recruiters might tell you that visibility is everything when it comes to college students. It is true! Your presentation, your knowledge, your personality all comes into your employment. That’s why universities always have panels, career fairs, and workshops offer to students. If you are graduating soon and still haven’t been to a career fair, I highly encourage you to attend one. If you haven’t had a chance to create a LinkedIn profile, I highly urge you to create a professional profile. It is essential to tell the market that you exist and allow recruiters to approach you. Networking is key! Reach out to the recruiter or employee of the company and learn more about their experience. 

If you are not a JobSeer user and would love to level up your job search game to find recruiters’ and employees’ contact information, download the extension today. 

Try JobSeer
So there you have it, these are all the suggestions and advice I can provide all recent graduates to have a smooth transition to a full-time employee. It is hard to accept that we are not adults, but do keep in mind that it is not as scary as you think. Need more help in your job search? Try out the free JobSeer tool and allow your potential and skills to speak for themselves. 

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