The Worst Resume Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
Rene Cheng
The Worst Resume Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)
On average, employers receive around 250 applications per open job position, while only 4-6 candidates get interviewed, and one will receive an offer. If we are taking the average, candidates who get an opportunity to get interviewed is around 2.4%. While so many applications pile up in the ATS, candidates inevitably look for ways to impress the recruiter with their resumes. With the over piling applications and overflowing inboxes, recruiters, on average, spend around 6-7 seconds per resume to determine whether the candidate gets an interview or not. However, what can we do, as job seekers, impress recruiters with our resumes? Before you wonder how to perfect your resume, let’s talk about these five resume mistakes you should avoid to attract the recruiter’s attention in 6-7 seconds. 

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While some say it is necessary to include this in your resume, some say vague objective statements will only lead your application to the “no” pile. For example, if you have an objective statement, “Recent graduate looking for new opportunities to elevate skills in digital marketing.” It is likely that the recruiter will not move forward because it is too vague and does not demonstrate how the applicant can succeed in the job position. Instead, use this space to explain why your experience, interest, and passion could help you succeed in this job position in 30-50 words.

Tip: If the applicant is looking to change the industry, this is a place where you can briefly talk about why the applicant is looking to switch.
Grammar & Spelling Mistakes 
After speaking with many recruiters, grammar and spelling errors are major resume mistakes that could help you the job. Why? It shows that the applicant did not take their time to polish their resume, and to the recruiter, it seems like the applicant is simply just careless and is not genuine for the position; therefore, it is a dealbreaker. However, you may easily avoid this by double-checking all of the words, even sharing your resume with a friend to see if they find any mistakes. 

Now, to get past ATS, your resume should be filled with buzzwords and keywords. However, if you have irrelevant keywords to the job description, it will not help you get past ATS. Instead, make sure that the keywords you incorporate match with what you do, and it sounds natural. Take out the “Helped,” “Created,” and “Worked”. Instead, try using these action verbs provided by the Harvard Law School.

Formatting (with Headshots) 
We are stirring up our creative juices and get carried away when we see fun resume designs. However, these designs sometimes may not be beneficial to you as an applicant because they may not pass through ATS. Your safe bet is to have your resume designed traditionally and functionally without your headshots. 
Personal Information
Personal Information is important as it is a way for recruiters to contact you regarding the job openings. LinkedIn and phone numbers are all you need in your resume. Avoid the mistake and add in your other irrelevant social profiles, as it will only make your resume look more clatter. Utilize the space you have and add more relevant information instead. 
How Can You Avoid These Mistakes?
Now you know what you should not do on your resume and what leads you to the “no” pile, let’s examine how you can avoid these mistakes. 

Has someone else to look it over 
Talk to a friend and politely ask them for a quick review of your resume. If you made friends in the recruitment industry, lucky you, and ask for their advice! It is perfectly okay to reach out to friends about resume help. 

Find out what skills you are missing on JobSeer and get your resume past ATS. On JobSeer, not only could you find out what skills you are missing in your resume for the given job description, but you could also expand your network by reaching out to company employees. 

Read it out loud 
The most traditional way to double-check any writing is to read it out loud. Either print it out or read it through your computer, read it aloud and make sure it sounds natural with relevant words and phrases. Finally, double and triple-check before you send it out. 

Use JobSeer to see if you have the right keywords or not before you send out your resume. 
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