The Complete Guide To Research A Company You Want To Work For 
Rene Cheng
May 25, 2021
Company Guide To Research A Company You Want To Work For
I don’t know my interests; I don’t know what industry is right for me, I don’t know whether I will be the right fit. Have you ever had these thoughts when you are looking for a job? Don’t worry; you are not alone. A lot of recent graduates are in the same boat as you are. However, you are in the right place! This is your complete guide on researching and finding the right company for you. 

Researching potential companies and employers are vital to your job search. Although it might sound intimidating and a lot of work, you can find the fun out of it. Through your research, it allows you to understand brief business operations and find out if you are the right fit for this company based on the organization’s mission and value. On top of that, research about the company can help you generate helpful questions for you to ask the interviewer, and of course, it shows that you are a sincere and enthusiastic candidate.

Discover Your Values & Find A Company That Values Your Value
It sounds like a tongue twister, but your values are just as important as the company’s values. Knowing the company’s mission, value, and culture helps boost your interest and enthusiasm about the company itself. You must find out what you look for in a company before you start any type of research. For example, if you value a healthy work-life balance within a company, pay more attention to the companies who take good care of their employees or have exceptional great benefits (Who doesn’t like day-offs?). Finding a company that aligns with your values can ultimately lead to a better interview and a better job performance if you get hired. 
Research The Founders (and how they found the company) 
Before you go into your first interview, at the very least, find out who the leader is. Find out as much information as you can about its leader, and if you would like to go the extra mile, learn about what motivates them to start their company. While you discover this information about the leaders, connect with your experience and see how their motivation encourages you to join the company. Your safe bet is to use the company’s “About Us” tab on their website or journalist interviews about the founders. 
Understand The Company’s Products/Services & Business Operations 
Of course, no doubt, you should find out what this company does - how they profit, who their customers are, who is their target audience, and so forth. These sorts of questions and research can help you gain knowledge about the company, bringing this knowledge to your interviewer. You should also look at the industry’s market trends, so you can use this knowledge to predict or forecast how this industry will go for the next couple of years or months. Use sites like CrunchBase to help you research the company and industry deeper. In addition, with JobSeer, you can easily find out the company’s competitors with the “Company Insights Tab.” Simply expand it, then you will get all the information you need, including its funding rounds, size, similar companies, visa sponsorship history, and their revenue. 
Pro Tip🎯: When you expand the “Company Insights Tab,” you may also visit the company’s social profiles to increase your knowledge about this company! 
Stay Up-To-Date Through News Stories and Business Journals
Gain external knowledge about the company through news coverage, business journals, and also forums. You may come across real customer experiences with the companies to get an idea of how the company manages and serves its customers and clients. On top of that, find out any recent press releases and news about the company, its industry, and its competitors. This way, you can utilize your knowledge within the industry to develop reasonable solutions during your interview and forecast what the company is planning to do in the next couple of months. You may simply search the company’s name on Google, and you can find a lot of resourceful information you need for your interview. 
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Engage With The Company’s Current/Former Employees 
One of the best ways for you to know the company you want to work for is to speak with current or former employees. Connect with the right people and learn more about their experiences at the company. While you talk to them about it, you may also discover internal company growth and see if there is a potential for personal and career growth. You may also use sites like Glassdoor to find reviews from former and current employees. However, it is always better to speak with a person. You may utilize JobSeer to help you find emails of existing employees at the company or simply connect with an employee on LinkedIn. 
Pro Tip🎯: Send your invitation for a connection on LinkedIn with a note! People usually like to see a personalized note. If you would like to be more formal, follow this guide to craft a cold message.
Researching is probably the first step when you do any sort of school project, and the same goes for job searching. Researching can help you understand the position you are applying for more deeply, while you can gain more professional experience and business knowledge through your in-depth research. 

Ready to research the companies you are interested in? Download JobSeer’s Chrome Extension and take advantage of the “Company Insights” and Contact Finder to help you boost your knowledge about the company and market industry. 

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