Step-By-Step Guide On How To Prepare For Your Job Search
Rene Cheng

Sometimes job searching is an option, whereas there are times when job searching is not an option. Whether you are planning to change your career or are a recent graduate looking to obtain an entry-level position, here are some essential tips you should consider in your job search preparation. 

Step 1: Do your research in industries 
Understand what industries you would like to change to or enter. It is crucial to know from case studies in a particular sector before you apply. Educate yourself with knowledge about its industrial operations, growth, and failures. By fueling yourself with knowledge, you can use what you learn and talk about in your interview. 

Step 2: Reconnect with your old friends or bosses 
Learn about their experience, and also notify them that you are looking for a job. You never know. They might know someone who is hiring or know something about your interested industry. Ask for their tips and tricks on their job search and their occupation. 

Step 3: Create a spreadsheet
Stay organized. It is essential to keep a journal or spreadsheet to track your job application process. Create a spreadsheet to record all the companies you are aiming for, and positions you are interested in apply. Stay on top of your application process can help motivate yourself. 

Step 4: Craft an industry or position focused resume and cover letter
Resumes and cover letters vary when you are aiming for a particular industry, position, and more. It is essential to create a customized resume and cover letter for specific roles and industries. Utilize your previous experience and create a story-telling cover letter to show the employers you are interested in the company and determine to provide business value. Your resume should also involve relevant previous experiences to indicate how you can bring value to the company. 

Step 5: Reorganize or create a portfolio
Work samples and portfolios. Show the employer that you know to be in the position you are applying for by reorganizing your portfolio. A CareerBuilder survey shows that a portfolio may increase your chances of getting an interview by 14%. Creating a portfolio takes time and effort, so be sure that you record what you have done in your career so far.

Step 6: Apply 
Lastly, once you have gone through all five steps, you are ready to apply. Applying for jobs can be tricky. Before you click the apply button, double-check all the steps, be sure you are prepared to go and understand ATS. A job hunt is about research, network, organization, and preparation. If you can ace these, you are going to be a job search pro. 

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