Right Questions, Right People, and New Opportunities with JobSeer Ask
Rene Cheng
July 27th, 2021
How To Answer: What Are Your Salary Expectations?
Company cultures, internal growth, business environments, you probably want an answer about these aspects of a company before applying for the job. During the exhaustive process of your job search, the last thing you need is to find out the work-life balance within the company isn’t up to your expectations. 

Imagine you have questions similar to these questions below: 

“What does the company do to ensure effective communication internally?” 
“How does the company support its employees mentally?” 
“How is the work-life balance?” 
“How do management levels support its team members?” 

Indeed, you could get these answered by a recruiter during your first phone interview; however, what if you could get the answers before the first call to save you time and energy?

Whatever questions you may have about a company you are interested in, JobSeer wants to ensure job seekers find the right opportunity and the right company to best suit their preferences and personality in today’s competitive market. 

If you haven’t learned about this new feature, we want to answer your question - What is JobSeer Ask? And how does it help a job seeker in their job searching journey? Whatever questions that you may have for a potential company, we are breaking it down how you could get your questions answered through JobSeer’s new feature - JobSeer Ask. 

What is JobSeer Ask? And why did we start this feature? 
JobSeer Ask is a professional question-and-answer in-app feature that brings our users closer anonymously through discussion forums. The JobSeer Team started JobSeer Ask to help the job-seeking community gain more “behind the scenes” information during their company research in their job searching process. JobSeer is an AI-powered tool that detects, highlights, prioritizes the most relevant jobs for candidates, and helps connect job seekers with the right companies. Now, with JobSeer Ask addition to the tool, you may ask your burning questions to former or current employees from your dream company. 
So, how does it work? Here is a tutorial: 
Step 1: Pick A Company 
Pick a company that you would like to learn more about, like Facebook, Google, Hiretual, Slack, etc. We added JobSeer Ask right next to Company Insights so that our users can easily refer to more information before asking your question. 
Step 2: Ask Your Burning Question 
There are no right or wrong answers; just start by asking any questions you would like to know. If you come across a company that does not have any information, we highly encourage you to take this chance to be the first to start the discussion. 
After posting your question, you may request someone who works at this company to answer them for you. To ensure these questions and answers are unfiltered, honest, and appropriate, the JobSeer Team proofreads them consistently to ensure the quality of the content is up to a standard. 
Step 3: Respond 
If you are currently working for this company or have worked for this company, share your knowledge with others. We highly encourage you to share your experiences and insights with other users on JobSeer. 
Tip: JobSeer Ask is entirely anonymous, so our users could freely answer these questions without worry. 
If you would like to take the extra mile and check out all the questions, visit jobseer.ai/ask to find more discussions that our users have started for various companies. 
Step 4: Upvote The Answer 
Do you find the answer interesting? Upvote it and let it be on top of the list. So that other JobSeer users could see it right away when they click into Q&A. 
Step 5: Sharing Is Caring 
Share your questions with your peers, as they might have the same question as you do. You may share your question easily to your social profiles or even copy a link to send a private message to your friends. 
And this is how you could use JobSeer Ask to ask any questions you may have before an interview. Sounds easy? Yes, it is! You may utilize other JobSeer features to help reduce the length of the job search process and get you hired faster. The Team is determined to transform job seeker’s job searching journey into more fun, easy, and efficient. If you are not a JobSeer user and would love to give it a try, check out our free tool

Tried out our new feature and got feedback for us? Contact us at [email protected]. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and support in making JobSeer a better tool for everyone! 
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