Is It Bad To Apply For More Than One Job Within The Same Company?
Rene Cheng
Is It Bad To Apply For More Than One Job Within The Same Company?
As someone who has been looking for a job for quite some time, it could be tempting to apply to multiple job positions in the same company in the hope that it will lead to an interview. Applying for multiple jobs within the same company can lead to different scenarios. The idea of “two birds with one stone” may work in some cases as it shows your eagerness to work for the company, while it may also show desperation or unsure about your strengths. In this article, we will discuss when it is okay to apply for two jobs within the same company and what you can do to help yourself get an interview. 

Here is one reason why it is okay and even lead to a favorable outcome: 
Sai Blackbyrn, the CEO of Coach Foundation, says that many candidates want to keep their options open in today’s job market. Therefore, they apply to many different jobs requiring distinct skills. This increases the chances of getting hired, but it also means that because an applicant majored in one area, it does not mean that they cannot perform a job in another domain. 

Here is one reason why it is not okay and may confuse the recruiter: 
Anne Matsushita, Career Coach at Randstad RiseSmart, says it may show candidates as serial job applicants, someone who applies to entirely different jobs like Marketing Assistant and IT Vice President. Likely, the candidate may not be contacted for either role due to the major shift and differences in these roles. This shows the recruiter and company that this candidate is just trying to get their foot in the door and isn’t self-aware to recognize their strengths. 

There is no universal rule on whether or not you should apply for multiple positions within the company. If you are in the early stage of your career, it is tempting to apply for different roles as you may expand your horizons. However, the golden rule in applying for multiple job positions within the same company is to show that you are genuinely motivated to work in the company. Moreover, you show yourself to be a flexible and willing person. 

Now, let’s put this into a scenario and see what strategies could help benefit you when you are interested in two positions within the same company. 

Let’s say the candidate is interested in both Growth Marketing and Demand Generation
Both Growth Marketing and Demand Generation are not the same position, but both touch base on similar job functions. Growth Marketing focuses on the entire target customers’ journey, from awareness and acquisition to converting leads. In contrast, Demand Generation focuses on forming an awareness based on what the company is offering. Your intentions here are to show and explain your motivations to go beyond just the job application. 
Compare Your Resume to the Job Description
Whenever applying for jobs, having the right skills and professional experiences is a must. If you see that you fit 60-80% in both job requirements, it shows your adaptability and capability to complete multiple tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, it tells the employer that you have a wide variety of skills and abilities. 

Tip: In your cover letters, mention that you are applying for several roles inside the company and explain why you are the best candidate for each position. The goal is to be very strategic with your approach; otherwise, it puts a very desperate image of yours on the employers, said Irene McConnell, Career Coach, Hiring Manager, Managing Director of Arielle Executive, and Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council.
If you are unsure, use JobSeer’s match score to find out where you stand as it compares the job description, requirements against your resume. So you don’t have to look through the similarities and differences manually. 

Make a Connection with the Recruiters
If you are genuinely interested in both positions and firmly believe that you could be successful in both positions, make sure to reach out to the recruiter and let them know that you are applying for both. However, different recruiters are hiring for different roles, so it is best to reach out to both recruiters to be on the safe side.

Be Sure to Have Two Elevator Pitches
Since you may be considered for both positions you applied for, it is essential to have two separate pitches. If you can demonstrate your abilities and skills in both roles, no doubt the chances of qualifying for an interview may increase, says Daniela Sawya, Founder and HR Manager of

Ultimately, there is no universal rule on whether or not you should apply to two different roles. It depends on how you demonstrate your abilities, professional experiences, and skills and how you approach the job applications. To stand out, try to customize your resume as close to both job functions as possible, along with additional skills that you may have. Make a connection with the recruiter and even current employees to learn more about the company’s hiring trends and processes. It takes effort and strategic approaches to land an interview with the company, so don’t let this chance slip through your fingers because you may be a massive asset with diverse knowledge and experiences. 

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