#IHavePotential | Your Potential Is Endless
Rene Cheng

At some point in your life, you probably feel like you are not enough, not smart, not experienced, not attractive, basically, not “anything.” The internal voice that tells you that you can’t because you don’t have the abilities. The voice sometimes overrides your mind and limits your chances of experiencing life, expressing yourself, and more. But hey, whether you feel like you are not qualified enough for the job you are in or whether you feel like you don’t have the potential to succeed. The JobSeer Team is telling you that you are not alone.

And that’s why JobSeer started this campaign to encourage all job seekers to not give up on their dreams in finding their career. Some of our JobSeer team members spoke on their personal job search struggles and are not giving up because they know they have the potential.

As we step into 2021, many might say the most cliche phrase, “New Year, New Me.” But the JobSeer Team is saying “I Have Potential” for 2021 because we believe this encouragement should be brought into your new year. The JobSeer Team would like to invite you to join us to be part of the #IHavePotential Campaign and tell us your struggle because we are here to listen and help.

Join us by saying,
“I am [name], and I struggle with [struggle in job search], but I am not giving up because I know I have potential.”

And share this with your fellow job seeker friends to encourage them not to give up because they can have potential like everyone else.

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