How To Stay Productive in A Virtual Job Search While Working Remotely 
Rene Cheng
Jun 8, 2021
Productivity In Job Search
Companies across the globe are fast embracing the benefits of remote work. Indeed, its benefits are clear for all to see, from enhanced productivity to lower costs to shorter commutes. First, from a productivity perspective, studies have shown that worker productivity has improved since we’ve seen the dramatic shift to mandatory work from home with COVID. 94% of 800 employers surveyed by Mercer mentioned their productivity has primarily stayed the same or perhaps even increased over the result from the home period. 

So, what about a virtual job search when you are working remotely? How can you stay productive during a virtual job search? Since we see a drastic change in the working environment in 2020, it is likely that many of us are facing productivity problems or sometimes forget about our work-life balance. It is critical to be mindful of our wellbeing and putting our health as our priority. Working remotely while conducting a virtual job search can be tricky with all the distractions involved with work, meetings, deadlines, and more. You can utilize several tips to stay productive to have a successful virtual job search while working remotely. 

Have a consistent schedule that works best for you 
Having a consistent schedule could be waking up at the same time every morning, having lunch at 12:30 PM every afternoon, and getting off work at the same time. Try to stick to a schedule and maximize the time you have to stay productive. While being consistent with your plan, it is also essential to set boundaries and breaks for yourself. Take a 15-30 minute break from time to time to allow yourself to rewind and relax. Staying productive means being focused in one seating; therefore, having leaves can sometimes help refocus our minds and keep track of our progress. Especially when it comes to job searching, it takes time and effort to apply for jobs; therefore, having one or two dedicated hours for your job search can help boost your overall productivity. 
Break Time
Daily “outside” time 
Sometimes when we are stuck indoors for a long time, we might get overwhelmed easily; and having a designated time for outdoor activities can help avoid burnouts. Outdoor activities including, taking a walk, exercising, going to the grocery store, or even grabbing a cup of coffee, can help you feel less stressed. Sometimes changing your working area can also help you stay productive and motivated to complete your tasks for the day. For example, working in your backyard, the living room, your coffee table, and even at a coffee shop can prevent overwhelmed and stress with the change of environment.
Utilize the power of technology
While we are already surrounded by powerful technology today, we should also maximize its use to help us become more productive, motivated, and organized. In order to stay productive during a job search while working remotely, technological apps and tools could help support your overall work. Here is the list of some of the most popular apps and extensions that can help strategize your job search with all less effort when there are many other tasks you have. 
JobSeer (Google Chrome Extension) - Free
JobSeer is a simple, easy-to-use job search tool for job seekers at different levels. Hiretual, an AI Recruitment Tool for recruiters created this tool, so it is made for job seekers from the recruiting industry. This AI-powered tool aims to detect, highlight, and prioritize the most suitable jobs based on your preferences and qualifications. Compatible with major job boards platforms, JobSeer ensures you apply to the right jobs while you are staying organized and productive in your job search. 
Key Features: 
1. Smart Searching: With JobSeer, you just have to enter your desired job title, location, and years of experience. Then, AI will do its work by filtering the jobs you are looking for. 

2. Match Score & Skills Recommendation: Upload your resume, then JobSeer will parse it with the job description to tell you how well you align with the job position. On top of that, JobSeer also recommends which skills you will need to add to have a higher match score to get past ATS.

3. Recruiters & Employee Contact Finder: Network and find the right person to reach out to. JobSeer provides you the right contact for you to expand your networking opportunities. 

Pro Tip🎯: When using JobSeer’s recruiters & employees’ contact finder, you may also visit their LinkedIn profile and connect with them. 
Facebook Jobs
Facebook, as we all know, helps you connect with the people you know. From keeping updated with friends and family on a social media app, Facebook now allows recruiters to post jobs. With Facebook jobs, you can simply fill out your experiences and click search - boom jobs available at your fingertips. 

Key Features: 
1. Filter jobs by industry: As a Facebook user, you may find employment within a particular industry to help you stay productive in your job search. You don’t have to worry about bumping into unwanted industry jobs; Facebook filters them out for you. 

2. Salary Range: Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or freelance position, salary always comes into consideration when applying for a new job. With Facebook Jobs, you can enter your desired range of salary, and Facebook will provide you the right jobs for you based on your preference. 

CareerBuilder - Free 
CareerBuilder is a free job search app that allows you to apply for jobs anywhere and anytime. You may instantly apply for jobs in just two taps. CareerBuilder syncs with your resume, cover letter, saved jobs and applied for employment with your account. You may find some new jobs you have not seen on LinkedIn here.
Key Features: 
1. Resume Builder: Don’t have a summary? CareerBuilder got you with its 3-step resume builder, so you don’t have to worry about not having a resume in hand when applying for jobs. 

2. Salary Calculator: When it comes to researching the company, you should also find out how much you should get paid based on your experiences. Therefore, CareerBuilder provides you detailed information on how much, on average, you get paid for the position you are applying for.

Having the ability to multitask is great, but also keep in mind that you are not superhuman. There are times when multitasking can lead to frustration because of the lack of completion of each task. There is a difference between busy and productive. Keeping yourself busy means to be working harder, whereas productive is working smarter. Your best tip is to have three major tasks you would like to complete for the day and take breaks. Be as consistent as possible in each of your daily tasks. 

While we are seeing a lot of benefits in remote work, there are times we have gone a bit over time than we are supposed to. Looking for a job while working remotely could be draining, however, there are several habits we can implement in our daily lives to avoid any sorts of burnout. Keeping your job search organized is critical especially when there are other responsibilities. 

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Ready to start your job search? Download JobSeer’s extension and let the tool help with all of your job search efforts while you are working remotely. 
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