How To Keep Your Job Search Confidential
Rene Cheng
There are times when you feel bored with the work you do at your job, tired of the people you work with, want a career change, or just want to start fresh at a new company immediately. Whatever the reason that you have, exploring better opportunities while your colleagues or bosses find out can end you up in a very awkward situation. Here is some advice to keep your job search confidential and down-low from the people at work to avoid unnecessary confrontations and awkwardness. 
Don’t use your company’s devices & office hours.
Simple as that, try not to use the company’s devices because HR might track your activities. If you are in a 9-5 job, don’t apply for jobs during this time. Instead, effectively use your downtime, like lunchtime, breaks, or any time you spared for yourself and apply for jobs. Also, avoid doing things that are abnormal during workdays. If you have an interview, take a personal day off for it instead of missing days off for a couple of days. 

Be smart with your colleagues.
Keeping your job search confidential means keeping it to yourself. Don’t announce it to everyone. Some people value their careers over friendships; whatever the case may be, don’t risk it. It is always better to keep the job search process to yourself until you have made your decision. 

Be aware of social media updates. 
Of course, in the digital age, many look for jobs on LinkedIn or other major job boards; however, try to keep it less visible by only applying for jobs instead of announcement updates. On LinkedIn, you might see others have a profile picture filter that says, “#OpenToWork” or “#Hiring,” instead of announcing it, keep your profile clean and straightforward. 

Keep up with your performance at work. 
Avoid slipping your job hunt secret by performing less in your current job. Try to keep up with your work as best as you can while looking for better opportunities. It is better to drive more results and prove your most recent contributions to your new employer.

Now, there are also times when your manager just happened to find out that you are looking for opportunities; what should you do? 

Your best bet is to be transparent about it and be honest about why you are looking for other opportunities. This way, you are not only honest; you may also find yourself negotiating for either a promotion or a salary adjustment. There are many ways to go around with this situation, depending on your relationship with your manager. You should find your best method and approach to bring up the case. One pro tip: try not to shut all the doors. Instead, try to keep a good connection with your old colleagues or managers. 

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