How To Glow Up Your Job Search Process
Rene Cheng
How To Glow Up Your Job Search Process
Do you feel like you are applying for the jobs but still are not confident about your resume and cover letters? Are you someone who is applying for jobs solely because of the sake of it? Well, whatever that you are facing right now in your job search, no doubt, the significant component in a job search is indeed your resume. However, some other elements and components contribute to the entire job search process. For example, cover letters, networking, applications, and more. Wherever you are in your job search process, this is the one article that tells you what you can do to improve (or glow up) your job search process
Self Evaluation & Analysis 
Now, starting a job searching process begins with understanding what your interests and strengths are. The purpose of this first step is to assess your work, experience, and interests in the past and present. This will help you get a head start on what you can look for in a job or what kind of jobs align with your interests. The goal here is to find out how your interests and strengths could help you in your career path, ultimately landing your dream job. 

Some questions to help guide you through this first step: 
1. What courses did I take during school interested me the most? 
2. What was the most successful project I have ever worked on? 
3. Am I a number or a word person? 
Pro Tip: This question is beneficial to determine whether you should go into a position filled with words or numbers. Even if you are interested in Marketing, different marketing sectors contribute to numbers or words, like Digital Marketing which consists of data and numbers. In contrast, content marketing focuses more on words and language while a bit on data and numbers. 

4. What do I like to do for fun, and are there jobs that could help support the fun? 
5. Am I someone who enjoys sitting in an office or an outdoor person? 

Organize Your Analysis And Create Professional Skills
After you have done your self-evaluation and analysis, it is time to see what skills you have picked up through your interests and strengths. It is essential to organize and take notes of what you learned and create it into a professional form. This will help prep you and solidify the next step of your job search process. 

Some questions to help guide you through this step: 
1. What skills have I picked up on from my interests? 
2. What can I do to solidify my interest and make it a professional skill?
3. What do I see myself doing with my interest? 

These are, of course, comprehensive and vague questions; however, they are a good start in shaping your interest into professional skills. You could do some additional help by focusing on one interest and expanding your skill sets from there. For example, if you are interested in Design and loves to spark creativity, try exploring Adobe Suites, Figma, and other software or concepts related to designs. And of course, there will be many other skills that you might want to pick up on, like the color palette and shaping principles. 

Prepare all Necessary Documents
Now that you have all of your skills ready, it is time to get to the central portion of the job search process - creating and organizing resumes, cover letters, and portfolios. This portion of your job search process will need a lot of work and it takes the majority of the time.

If you already have a resume on hand, optimize the resume in the correct format with the right keywords. If you do not have a resume ready, it is time to take some time and learn how to craft a professional resume. Your goal of a resume is to demonstrate how your skills and experiences fit with the job function you are applying for. Be sure not to make these resume mistakes that could lead you to the “no” pile!

As for the cover letter, it is time to create a general template. The template should be a story of your work or academic experiences along with your achievements and accomplishments. 

Pro Tip: Don’t send a general cover letter to all companies as it will be overseen. Recruiters like to see customized and targeted cover letters for their companies specifically. 
Lastly, portfolios are a set of work samples that you showcase to your potential employers. It could be a project you are working on or past work samples that you have done in the past that has driven huge success. 
Research Companies & Industries
This portion in glowing up your job search is to find out which companies value what you value. You might ask yourself this question, “How will I fit into this company? Does this company value what I value?” Many companies hold different values and missions; whether they are B2B and B2C companies, it is up to you to decide if you are the right fit for them (of course, personality and goal-wise). 

Some questions to help guide you through this step: 
1. How do my values align with the company’s values?
2. Do I like the products/services they are selling/promoting?
3. What is the message behind this company, and why is it successful? 
4. Do I see myself being successful in this company? (Professional growth & personal growth)
5. How did the founder start their business, and what was the motivation behind it? 

Researching companies is one of the significant steps that you should do while conducting a job search. Similar to a school project, research and brainstorm start first. Slowly work your way through this process and ultimately find yourself the right company that suits you the best. 
Search Away & Attend Career Fairs 
When you have all of these steps completed, it is showtime! Start searching for jobs based on what you have gathered and attend career fairs. No matter where you are in your career, career fairs are always a great place to network as you get to speak with company representatives face-to-face to make an impression (always better than just a piece of paper, in my opinion). 

Searching for the right job takes time; the entire process may take from two to six months. Please don’t rush into it; instead, take your time to gather all the information you need to conduct a successful job search strategy. Don’t let your effort and energy go to waste! 

Conducting a job search is no easy task, along with all the energy and effort that comes with it. However, JobSeer is here to help accelerate your job search and ultimately help you land a suitable and fit job based on your needs. Sometimes, we get discouraged because of rejections. However, rejections are another way to tell you that there are more chances out there. Please don’t get discouraged, and keep it up! 

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