Intern Edition: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Vacation
Rene Cheng
July 6th, 2021
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Internship Experience During Summer Vacation
Take a deep breath in, and take a deep breath out. What does it feel like? SUMMER. The smell of beaches, the breeze from the warm wind blowing through your face, and a cold beer in your hand.

Whoops, or you might be working as an intern and stuck in a chair working furiously, having coffee right next to your keyboard with your blue light glasses staring at the screen and still don’t know what you are doing. Well, then let’s talk about how you can get the most out of your summer vacation as an intern or soon-to-graduate college student. 
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If you are currently working as an intern, here is a message for you: 
Experiences are still experiences. It does not matter what type of work you are doing; anything you learned from in-house office experience is also an experience. Maybe you think you are learning nothing and have gained no insights from delivering coffee to your manager; this is your sign to get proactive and prep for success in your career. 
Tip 1: Upskill & Turn Your Weakness Into Strengths 
The first thing in an internship is to focus on what you want to learn the most, says Sherry Morgan, the Founder of Petsolino. Although all interns may deal with different tasks based on the position, internships are made to teach students how to be present in the real world, real paying work. For example, if you are into marketing, try to find more tools out there that can help bring more leads to the company. Learn about the tool and bring that knowledge to your first full-time job.
Tip 2: Learn About The Sense Of Professionalism 
Schools don’t teach you how to be a good employee; however, the best way to grow your first sense of professionalism is through your internships. Therefore, if you want to learn the ways of the career you want to venture to, be a promising talent - exercise yourself to be agile in adapting to your working environment. Have an exceptional work ethic, excellent interpersonal skills, Julian Goldie, the CEO of Goldie Agency, suggested. Yet, it is essential to learn to showcase your personality at work. 
Tip 3: Learn How To Deal with Criticism 
Intern means “newbie” or someone who has no experience; therefore, it indicates that you are not expected to know everything from the start. However, use this advantage of a “newbie” to ask a lot of questions. While you ask questions, you may also hear criticism as feedback. Ken Olling, CEO & Chairman of MELD adds, while criticism sometimes could be hard to hear or accept, use that feedback and improve on it and make it become your skill. You may benefit from the criticism and change it as fuel to create a better career for yourself.

Your learned experiences from criticism may also be an answer to help respond to the most common interview question, “What is your biggest flaw?” No one likes mistakes in an ideal world and work environment; however, errors are how we learn and grow. So, don’t take it personally if you make mistakes during your internship because everyone makes mistakes! 

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If you don’t have an internship and enjoying a cold beer in your hand at the beach, here is a message for you: 
It is okay not to have an internship. Not having an internship during summer does not mean you are not valuable or you are stupid. I used to feel that if I graduated from college without internship experience, my chances of getting a full-time job would be low. Sadly to break it to you, it is not true. If you still want to gain some experiences during summer, here is what you can do to stay proactive in achieving your goals. 
Tip 1: Take A Day Off By Relaxing In Nature
How great does that sound? In today’s society, we live a fast-paced life crammed with frantic activities and surrounded by technological devices and gadgets. When was the last time you disconnected everything spent time in nature with your family and friends? Maybe you are at a beach? Perhaps you are in the woods camping? Curtis Lawson, the Managing Editor at Project Gunner, suggests students who have not successfully landed an internship this summer spend more time outside with someone they care about and create lifelong memories. Not everything has to be career-focused; your mental and physical health should always be your priorities. Take advantage of summer vacation from school and create some memories with your peers! 

Tip 2: Identify A Skill & Sign Up For An Online Course
If you are super stressed out or desperate for an internship, or even get super worried about your career, sign up for an online course and improve on a skill you think is helpful for your first job. One way for students to get the most out of their summer with an internship is to identify the skills they want to work on, such as technical skills, language skills, soft skills like communication and public speaking, Stacie Garlieb, the President of Successful Impressions, says. Once you have identified a skill you want to improve on, find a course that can help you advance that skill. For example, if you’re going to become a Content Writer in the future, find classes on Udemy or Coursera about the value of content writing and polish your writing and critical thinking skills through the knowledge. 
Tip 3: Polish Your Job Searching Skills 
The internet is your best friend when it comes to improving skill sets. YouTube, LinkedIn, even simply Googling, “sewing,” provides you head-to-tow information about the basics and process of sewing. Therefore, use the internet to be your best advantage in learning how to look for a job. Browsing news articles, interviews, videos, and anything else can help you take your job searching skill set to the next level. Edit your resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles as much as you can and prepare yourself for the ride in finding the right position for yourself. 
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Pro Tip: Freelancing may also help you improve your skills. You may find freelance jobs on Fiverr or Upwork. You may find yourself a side gig! 
Whether you are working as an intern or relaxing during this summer, it does not matter what everyone else is doing. Keep that in mind and instead set your timeline in achieving your career goals. If you are bored, set up a small business, run a program, start a blog, or anything you want to do while you can’t during school in session. Get the most out of your summer vacation and do something you never had time to do. 
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