How To Get A Positive Response From Cold Messaging On LinkedIn As A Job Seeker
Rene Cheng

In your job search, you probably have heard of your friends, your professors, your career advisors say, “Visibility is everything.” Many career coaches encourage job seekers to reach out and be more active on LinkedIn. Now, other than increasing your activity on LinkedIn and attend career events to gain visibility, how should you interact with an actual recruiter or hiring manager for the position you are interested in? There are several ways to go about this, but I will tell you my successful approach to get a positive response from a hiring manager through cold messaging. 

The first thing you will need to understand is why don’t recruiters respond to your cold message. In case you have missed it, check out our article about why recruiters don’t respond to your LinkedIn message. 

To get a response from a recruiter, be sure to go through the check-list below before you click send. 
🎯 Polish your LinkedIn profile
If you plan to send a cold message, the first thing you need to do is make sure your LinkedIn profile looks professional, and you have been actively engaging with others’ posts. Check to see if you have enough and insightful content in your profile like experiences, summary, education, and so forth. Your LinkedIn profile is your brand - so design it in a way that represents your best self. 
🎯 Create a list of people you want to reach out to
Staying organized is one of the most critical aspects of your job search. Try to keep a spreadsheet of who you are going to reach out to. Research each of the person’s information and once you are done, make sure your message is tailored to their job or occupation. 
🎯 Connect the Dots
Connect your experience to the recruiter or hiring manager you want to reach out to. To warm up your cold message, the sender should find similarities between themselves and the recipient. It could be an article they have written, or their promotion, or their recent activity. A connection can take you a long way, so try your best to find some commonalities between you and the person you are interested in reaching out to. 
🎯 Don’t stop after the first message
Always try to send a quick follow-up after your first message to show sincerity. There could be reasons why recruiters or hiring managers are not responding to your message. Follow up kindly, but not in a rush way. Spare around 3-5 business days with a follow-up message. Ultimately, as job seekers, you would want to give them a reason to care about your message. 
🎯 Don’t get discouraged if they don’t respond
If you have followed all the steps provided above and still don’t get the response you expected. Don’t get discouraged because people are busy! While you want to keep your message straightforward, try to warm up the cold message before jumping into your primary inquiry. A connection can go a long way! 

Keep in mind that you should reach out to the right recruiters or hiring managers when cold-messaging. If you are having trouble with this, JobSeer can help you find the right person to inquire about the position. JobSeer does all the heavy lifting in your job search while allowing you to take control of your job search process. 
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