How To Find and Reach Out To Hiring Managers for A Referral 
Rene Cheng
How To Find and Reach Out To Hiring Managers for A Referral
You may have heard a lot of career coaches, recruiters, and even your fellow job-seeking friends say, “connection is everything.” Imagine that you are looking for a job for a couple of months, you have been submitting an application with your well-written resume, cover letters, and even reference letters. You end up getting nothing but the, “Thank you for applying, but we decide to move forward with another candidate,” Then, your other friend got a job because he knew someone from that company. 

See, here is the difference, networking is essential in landing a job. Jonathan Javier from Wonsulting once mentioned in order to get a job without applying, get to tier 1 or 2. And what is it? Let’s review:

Tier 2: Hiring Team Member Recommendation
Someone on the hiring team refers you for the role. 
Tier 1: Hiring Manager Recommendation
The Hiring Manager who is directly responsible for the role recommends you.
So, how do you get to tier 1 and 2?
Jonathan suggested networking on LinkedIn and sending a personalized invite. This is an awesome strategy, if you need more insights on how to craft a personalized message, check out his article here on JobSeer. 

Another approach to get to tier 1 or 2 is through emailing and adding in your own shine into the content and message itself. 

Let’s break it down, but first of all, how do you get their email address and ensure they get your message?

Utilize the power of technology and use JobSeer to help you find the right contact for a referral. JobSeer helps job seekers land their dream job faster by implementing the power of AI to provide a more seamless and efficient job searching experience for all job seekers. 

In JobSeer, users may find the right person from the company and discover their true candidacy with a match score. Here is how it works: 
Step 1: Launch JobSeer
Find the job you are interested in applying for and find out your candidacy through the calculated match score provided. 
JobSeer match score
Step 2: Scroll down and find the person who is recruiting at the company. 
Let’s say that you are interested in a position at Amazon, you may reach out to this recruiter or a team member for a referral or simply just to connect with them to learn more about the company itself by clicking the "mail button" or connect them directly on LinkedIn. 
Now that you have found the right person, how do you write a memorable message? Pro Tip: Write a unique and personalized email that allows you to shine your personality to attract the attention of the hiring manager. You have to understand that you are not the only one sending them a message regarding a referral, so the best way to approach this is to write something that makes you truly unique and why you will be a great asset to the company and team. 
Tip: Try incorporating what they are looking for from the job description and add that to your message. 
 Teri Shern, the CoFounder of Conex Boxes recommends job seekers to think of what makes them unique and think of how they can use that uniqueness to their benefit as it will make all the difference. 

Here is an example: 
Hi Hiring Manager, (*Of course, find out their name) 

I hope you are doing well. I am reaching out because I have been recently applying to jobs in [industry] and found that [Position name & link] at [Company they are working at] would be a great fit. 
I see that you’re working as the [their position] at [company], and would love to introduce myself. I am a [your story], and I have been in the [industry you are currently at/what you are doing/your interest, etc.] I am really interested in learning more about your work at [company], and I hope to gain some insights. If you feel comfortable doing so, a referral would mean the world to me. 

I have attached my resume and work samples to provide more context. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide that might be helpful. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you so much in advance for your help, 
[Your name]

Of course, your aim in the message is to be straightforward and get to the point. No one wants to spend the time to read irrelevant messages, so get to the point and tell them what you are offering them, and what you want - a referral. Many career coaches and job search experts have been talking about how networking is an essential strategy in landing a job. It is true, but when everyone is doing it, your best tip is to make it unique, special, and in a way that can showcase your authenticity as an employee and person. Get past ATS and get your resume to be on top of the vast talent pool by networking with the right people with JobSeer’s extension

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