How JobSeer Helped A Recruiter Get A Call From A Company
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About Tina Fehrenbach: 
Tina Fehrenbach started looking for a new opportunity in May of 2020 and is currently working at Virgin Orbit as a Technical Sourcing Recruiter. Before Virgin Orbit, Tina worked at Fluxergy and other companies as a Technical Acquisition Partner. After the position at Fluxergy, Tina wanted to gain more insights on looking to strategizing her job search process to find a new opportunity. She then turned to JobSeer to optimize her job search to help her find Technical Sourcing Recruiter positions, preferably in the Aerospace & BioTech Industry. 

“JobSeer was very helpful in determining which positions are going to be the best fit for me and which ones are not without me having to dive into detail for each one. I would highly recommend this tool to people who are looking for a job, and matter of fact, I have already recommended this to my friends!”

Tina Fehrenbach
Technical Sourcing Recruiter at Virgin Orbit 

The Problem: LinkedIn General Search Is Not Effective for Her 
Tina used JobSeer to help her overcome the following challenge. 

Like many other job seekers, Tina used LinkedIn, Indeed, GlassDoor, and other popular job boards to find a new opportunity. However, she realized LinkedIn was not as useful to find the most relevant jobs based on her preferences and skillsets. Tina had to dive into each job listings in detail to ensure it was the right fit, causing her to spend more time and effort. She realized LinkedIn general search results were not targeted enough to show her the most appropriate and suitable positions. 
 The Solutions: Smart Search Feature & remind her on resumes
JobSeer’s Smart Search Feature was able to help Tina solve her problem. 

Tina then tried out JobSeer as an additional tool to help her narrow down her job search. She uploaded her resume, and with the Smart Search Feature, she found the most suitable jobs for her in just a matter of minutes. JobSeer served as an assistant for Tina to determine which skill sets were missing in her resume. JobSeer reminds Tina to revise her resume in red texts with the appropriate skill sets to help her achieve a higher match score. 
The Results: Successfully got a call from a company but already working at Virgin Orbit
The results of JobSeer helped Tina in getting an interview call from a company. 

While Tina was already interviewing at Virgin Orbit as a Technical Sourcing Recruiter, she received a call from a company regarding her application after using JobSeer! Tina believes JobSeer was a great addition to her job search to strategize the job search process for faster and more accurate results! She also suggests that recent graduates should try out this tool to help find the roles that fit their skill sets. As a recruiter, Tina understands new graduates are very limited to their background and skillsets, but JobSeer could be the solution to all those problems!

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