How JobSeer Changes The Face Of Job Search
Rene Cheng
How JobSeer Changes The Face Of Job Search
Let’s change the gear a little bit this time. We have been talking about job searching tips, trends, and hacks for the last few articles. This time, let’s bring these tips into practice and see how JobSeer can be a resource in your job searching journey. Whether you are a recent graduate or someone who wants a career change, there is a reason why you are here reading this article - to learn more about how JobSeer changes the face of job search. Sit tight and let me explain why JobSeer could help and improve your job searching experience. Job searching could be hectic and time-consuming, and that’s why JobSeer is here to help lessen that stress for you and help you land a job faster
#1: No longer Applying For Positions That You Are Unsure Of 
This first reason might apply mostly to recent graduates students with less experience. As a recent graduate, there are many considerations when it comes to choosing the right career. You might think that your first job may determine the position and industry for the rest of your career journey, it is not true! There are so much more opportunities for you to explore. However, as someone who has less to no experience, it could be challenging to find the right job since options are now limited. Here is how JobSeer could help you tackle this challenge: 
Smart Search JobSeer
It is simple; all you have to do is to have a resume in hand. Simply upload your resume to JobSeer and enter positions you are interested in. Then, let JobSeer do its work and run the relevant jobs based on your skills. This way, you may filter out all the irrelevant jobs for you and only find the right ones on job boards. 

Tip: The more related job titles and skills you enter, the more comprehensive your search results will be.
#2: Scoring Solution with Matched Skills to Help Pass ATS 
Have you ever wondered whether your resume is passing through the ATS robots? There could be many reasons why your resume may not pass through ATS. Formatting, keywords, and even your resume file may explain why it is not passing through ATS robots. If so, this is something that you will need to ensure your resume is passing through all ATS robots. 
Match Score JobSeer
JobSeer calculates a match score to determine your candidacy by comparing your uploaded resume with the job description of your choice. This match score allows you to know the chances of whether your resume will get pass ATS or not. Simple and straightforward, right?

#3: Make Valuable Connections 
Networking; the central resource that you should do in all job searches. However you approach your way of job searching, making valuable connections with people is key. Try talking to them about their day working as their position in the company, their favorite aspect about their jobs, some fun things they do at the company, etc. Sometimes the word, “networking” may sound intimidating; instead, try to approach these professionals with a mindset of making a friend! Sounds a lot easier and manageable, right?

Instead of going through LinkedIn setting up all the filters and companies to find this person to connect with, just find this person through JobSeer. Here’s how: 
Employee Referral JobSeer
Connect with them through LinkedIn or if you would like, send them an email! 
Tip: Referrals are 5x more likely to be hired. So, let’s get your application on top of all other applications! 
#4: Save Your Time On Company Research
Before applying for any positions, you will most likely need to research the companies, including their founders, history, funding rounds, and more. Instead of having multiple browser tabs, you may condense it into one extension and get all your information need. JobSeer’s company insights help eliminate all these browser tabs and provides you detailed insights within its extension. Have a question about the company and its career growth? JobSeer Ask is there for you to ask your burning questions to the right people. 
Company Insights JobSeer
Searching for the right job is like a full-time job and takes a whole lot of time and effort. JobSeer’s goal is to change the face of job searching and help job seekers land a job faster by providing AI-powered features to solve their frustrations. From job searching to networking to interviewing, JobSeer is here to support you every step of the way in your job searching journey and help you find the right opportunity and connect with the right people
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