How JobSeer Changed My Job Search Process For The Better 
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Hamim Mirza graduated from Queen’s University in 2019 as a Marketing major student and is currently an employee at Adaptavist as a Sales Development Representative. Hamim gained a Bachelor’s in Commerce and has experience in Software Sales. Before Adaptavist, he worked at Uberflip, a marketing software company, as a Business Development Representative.

During summer 2020, he worked as a Business Development Representative for Landscape Management Network on a contract basis. After that ended, he decided to spend more time finding his next organization that was a good fit, where he started using the JobSeer tool and eventually found a role with Adaptavist.

“JobSeer is a great tool for people who are actively and passively seeking for a job. It is an easy tool to use and very accessible on various job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, and more. It gave me an idea of how well my resume stands in different job postings.”

Hamim Mirza | Sales Development Representative at Adaptavist 

The Problem: Inconsistencies in Job Postings 
Hamim faced a problem like many other job seekers - unable to find jobs relevant to his experiences. One factor that caused this challenge is the inconsistency of job position names. When looking for a job on LinkedIn, he found jobs irrelevant to what he was aiming for. For example, when searching for SDR or BDR positions, he came across Account Manager roles, which were not relevant to his search. Therefore, costing him more time to go through long lists of different job descriptions to ensure the position is right for him to apply. 

Before JobSeer, Hamim spends around 3 hours every weekday and sometimes on weekends looking for a job. His job search process started with browsing on job boards, like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and desired companies’ websites. Hamim Mirza tried out JobSeer to help him overcome the challenge he faced in his job search process. 

The Solutions: Smart Search & Match Score 
Smart Search
Hamim utilized JobSeer’s smart search engine to narrow down his job search for Sales Development Representative positions. He uploaded his resume to JobSeer and entered his desired job titles, skills, and location. JobSeer did its work by detecting the highest priority jobs for him, giving him the chance to explore more SDR and BDR positions in his industry. 

Match Score 
Not only did Hamim benefit from the Smart Search Feature, but he was also able to gain deeper insights on how qualified he was with the job position from a Match Score. JobSeer Match Score feature acknowledged Hamim on which skills he was missing compared to the job while giving him transparency on the chances of getting a callback from a recruiter.

The Results: Apply for jobs more efficiently
The results of JobSeer helped Hamim understand how to apply for jobs more efficiently.

Hamim was able to find a job that he loves and suits his preferences. He believes that JobSeer is an excellent tool for people who are recent graduates or even people who are in between jobs. It was a perfect opportunity to understand how job search struggles can be tackled easily with a tool like JobSeer. 
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