How We Can Leverage The Power Of AI To Help Solve The Problem Of Modern Job Search
Rene Cheng

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, we are seeing this technology everywhere now. Why and how does it benefit humanity? Artificial Intelligence is known to be implementing human intelligence into machines and program them to think like humans and mimic their actions. AI is used to help reduce the time and effort it takes humans to perform repetitive tasks. Undoubtedly, AI is already in our lives, like Google’s predictions and rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, exist to make our lives convenient. 

As we see all these technological advances that are transforming human lives worldwide, how does it change, something so simple and yet excruciating, like searching for a job? The modern job search has changed. Instead of solely applying on traditional job boards, job seekers adopt new ways to network, build relationships, get honest feedback, and more. However, while job seekers are all capable of leveraging these new job search techniques, how does AI come into play to release some of the stress and time for this long-process job search? Let’s discover how job seekers can leverage the power of AI and help solve your frustration as a modern job seeker. 

What are some of the problems modern job seekers are facing? 
First, the abundance of competitors; many others are also looking for a job, yet there are only limited positions available. Second, lack of experience, especially for college students, has experience before graduation seems to be a must already. Three, preference for internal referrals or no visibility; many already have connections within the company. Therefore, applying without connections can always give you a lesser chance. The list can go on, but these are the main challenges job seekers struggle with. 

How will AI work with modern job searches? 
Most AI uses algorithms to give feedback from the input and generate output for a result. Therefore, AI and algorithms can transform current job searches. For example, JobSeer is a great example; it is an AI-powered tool designed for job seekers to narrow their job search scope by cutting through the long exhaustive job listings. JobSeer does this by learning from the search inputs an applicant enters and then provides an applicant’s output. If the user wants to look for jobs in San Francisco as a Sales Development Representative, JobSeer can generate those relevant positions with their preferences and qualifications. 

JobSeer filters your searches to find the best results, analyzes your skills to create a match score, provides company insights, and gives a list of recruiter’s email and social profiles so users can send them personalized invites.
Be On Top Of The Job Search Trends
Hence, we have already reached a stage where job seekers can utilize and leverage AI’s power to solve their job searching problems. As we approach a market with a wide range of talent, job seekers should strategize and modernize their job search to land their next opportunity.  

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