What Are Some Good Questions To Ask During An Interview?
Rene Cheng
Many of you might have heard many career coaches and recruiting experts say you HAVE to ask follow-up questions when you walk out of an interview. Indeed, it is true that you should always ask follow-up questions to wrap up a quality interview. While you hear all career coaches telling you to ask questions, you might also hear from your teacher saying, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” However, in a professional setting like an interview, you should consider what type of questions to ask and not embarrass yourself in front of the hiring manager. What are some questions for you to ask to wrap up your interview and leave a good impression?

If you have time left in your interview, I suggest you ask around five questions in the order of your expected growth in the company. Before you ask any questions, thank the hiring manager for their time and allow you to ask questions. Here are some of the questions I would ask the hiring manager. 

How will training look like?
This is a great question to ask because it allows the interviewer to know that you are not only thinking that this is just another job but instead it is another path to your career success. And the company could be your next step to success. 
Is this role newly created? 
This question comes with different aspects. It shows that you are determined to work and make this role successful if it is a new role, and it also tells the interviewer that you are capable of bringing more values to this position. 
How will the performance review process look like?
It is a great way to mention performance reviews because it shows the interviewer that you are already thinking ahead in this role and committed to the work. 
What is your favorite part about this job?
This is a less serious question, but it is a great question to ask when trying to get to know a person who works there. Either you get the job or not, it is always nice to ask about the experiences. So, try to warm up the conversation with this question! 
Can I answer any final questions for you? OR is there anything you would like to clarify on my resume?
This final question is excellent to allow the interviewer to have a recap of the interview session. You may ask if you could answer any final questions or ask them if you could clarify for them about your resume. Don’t forget to ask! 

The number of questions to ask after an interview is endless; there are many more quality questions you can ask. However, these are the five questions I like to ask before the interviewer wrap up the interview. 

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