4 Best Tips To Maintain A Healthier Work-Life Balance
Rene Cheng
Tips To Achieve A Healthier Work-Life Balance
How do you define work-life balance? A healthier work-life balance means having equivalent hours and demand for your work and personal life, like self-care. It means to balance your work and personal life in an equal way to make sure you are not burnt out while staying productive in both. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, many switched their in-office setting to remote at-home locations. In an internal survey from SlingShot, team members responded to how remote working affected their productivity and work-life balance

How Do You Feel Your Productivity and Work/Life Balance Has Changed?
Source: Savannah Thieneman Cherry at SlingShot
As shown, work-life balance has suffered; it could be due to a restricted atmosphere with limited face-to-face interactions or with at-home distractions. Poor work-life balance comes in different ways and comes with various reasons. It could be working longer hours than you needed and making no personal time for yourself. It could be you are unproductive at work because you are invested too much time in your personal life. Therefore, work-life balance becomes one of the main topics since COVID-19 as people are adjusting to the new normal while adapting to this new lifestyle. A healthier work-life balance can lead to better job performance and benefit our physical, mental, and emotional health. At the same time, also increase productivity and happiness in both work and personal lives. 

So, how can you make sure your work-life balance or even school-life balance is balanced the way it should be while everything is remote? The answer is, there is no specific answer to that. It is personal and different for everyone. Here are some personal tips from professionals who had obtained a healthier work-life balance to keep themselves motivated. 

However, before we start, let’s see how we should look at the idea of work-life balance. Jenna Carson, the HR Director at Music Grotto, says that she didn’t realize the benefits of work-life balance until she reframes it to an idea of rhythm. When we think of the word “balance,” what do you think of? A double-pan balance weight? It is really up to debate whether how you balance your work and life. Jenna says initially, “work-life balance” made her think there has to be a “perfect” balance - which is sometimes hard to achieve and unattainable. Therefore, she sees work-life balance as a rhythm of life. Some argue “work-life balance” is a myth, and I think it is more of a healthier lifestyle than a myth. 

1. Dedicate One Space For Your Work 
Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, many switched their work into a remote setting and ultimately messed up their daily routine, and we are forced to adjust to the new normal. However, Debbie Liu, the Co-Founder at Peachy Home Buyers, suggests that the best way to distinguish between work and life is to have a completely separate room or space dedicated solely to work. It is essential to create boundaries between your workspace and relaxation area, so you won’t end up overworking and feeling overwhelmed. 

2. Treat Your Body, Your Mind, and Yourself
Work-Life balance is all about prioritizing - how you prioritize your health and career. When you know you are overworking yourself, treat yourself with some of your favorite snacks, activities, or even people. Occasionally, there are still times when work bleeds into your time. In these cases, it would be great to put in the extra work needed and promise to reward yourself with some self-care treat, suggested Whitney Walter, AVP & Learning & Development Coordinator at a Global Investment Management Firm. Also, allow yourself to have some “down-time” on your calendar. It is essential to our emotional health. Paul Greene, the Director of Manhattan Center for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, said that having down-times can help catch us up, so we should always take advantage and value it accordingly based on our busy schedules. 

3. Find A Job That You Love
There’s an old saying that, “If you put in 30% of your effort, you will get about 60% of results when you are doing something that you love. Whereas you may put 60% of your effort, and in return, you get 30% of results when you are doing something you don’t like.” My mom used to tell me this, and that’s why she did not stop me from doing what I want to do. Angel Sanchez, Founder and Main Photographer of Wanderlust Portraits, suggested that it is essential to do a job that you like, or else it would simply make you feel exhausted doing something that is not in your interest. There are resources out there that are designed to help you find the right employment opportunities, like JobSeer; it helps find you the job you like on various job listings on the job boards while providing you information about your candidacy. 

Let’s see how JobSeer helps to find you the right job:
Find The Job You Want With JobSeer
4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No.
Learning how to say “No” applies to all individuals who want to achieve an ideal work-life balance regardless of your position being a manager, student, or parent. If your work happens to bleed into your time, try not to take it unless it is super urgent. Usually, things will work out in your favor if you decline respectfully to your manager or supervisor said, Thomas Hawkins, the Founder of Electrician Apprentice HQ. Things can wait, but your well-being always comes first. Ideal work-life balance means trying your best not to bleed your work into your personal time and life. 

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as the “perfect” work-life balance; instead, there is a blend in both. Your “perfect” work-life balance comes with many tests and trials and consistently adjusting to a lifestyle till you find your groove and routine. Kelly Bourne, the Children’s Author and Parenting Consultant, provided a great tip for people who are trying to obtain a healthier work-life balance, “Remind yourself that these unprecedented times, and you are a friggin’ rockstar.” While every day isn’t flowers and butterflies, you still show up for your job and get the work done even if you are at home. Work-life balance has no concrete answer for it, and it is determined with our daily lives and routine to adjust to it. A perfect work-life balance is challenging and entirely unattainable but to successfully find the right balance, let’s shift our priorities a little bit. 

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