5 Underrated Job Search Tools You Should Know In 2021 (LinkedIn Excluded)  
Rene Cheng

When I was actively looking for a job, I continually went on LinkedIn, Handshake, and other sites to get that one shot. Of course, connections are just as critical, too. After I started working full-time, I discovered many modern tools out there are designed for job seekers. Other than LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Jobs, and Glassdoor, what other tools can help you with your job search process? Let me walk you through all the tools I discovered to assist you in networking, applying for jobs, crafting resumes, and finally, the big finale, interview preparation. 

Networking On A Dating App - Bumble Bizz
Yep, you heard it. Bumble is an online dating application that facilitates communication between interested users, similar to Tinder, CoffeeMeetsBagel, etc. However, something that is super interesting about Bumble is the networking feature - Bumble Bizz. It is a way for you to connect with other professionals with the “swipe right, swipe left” concept. You get to connect, share, and learn from people in your area! I have used it, and I did find an opportunity as a freelance writer. 

Find Jobs in the Workplace - Slack
You probably heard of Slack used for internal communications for companies, but that’s not all of it. Slack communities are designed explicitly for people looking for a job and allow you to discuss different job positions. Shaun Price, Head of Customer Acquisition at MitoQ, said, “Slack is a fun way to connect with like-minded individuals. It also allows job seekers to gain more access to available job postings before they are posted on big job boards.” Check it out. Maybe you can be the first applicant to apply for your next job!

Discover Your Qualifications - JobSeer
JobSeer might be that one thing you are missing in your job search. This free Chrome extension helps you cut through the long exhaustive job listings on most of your favorite job boards. And how? - By narrowing your job search scope by detecting, highlighting, and prioritizing the right jobs with AI utilization. You enter your desired job titles, location, and job preferences, and then BOOM, there you go, you discover the most relevant jobs based on what you have entered. Not sure if you are qualified? JobSeer parses your resume and provides you a match score to indicate your candidacy for that job. It takes away all the heavy lifting in your job search. 

Design Your Top-Notch Resume - BeamJobs
Like many recent graduates, creating a resume can sometimes be confusing. Some may tell you that it should only be one-page long, whereas others tell you it could be more than one-page as long as you have all the relevant information. BeamJobs provides answers to all of your resume concerns by giving you resume templates for specific job positions. You can choose from 150+ free resume templates on their site and start crafting your targeted ATS-friendly resume for the positions you want to apply for. 

Ace The Interview Like A Pro - Big Interview
Unfortunately, even if you have the most impressive resume, your chances go downhill if you mess up your interview. The Big interview allows you to prepare for your next interview with its AI-based virtual practice interview tools. It claims not only to be a training course but a whole interview prep system to help you land your next job. Reading pieces of advice about interviews isn’t the same when you are applying that advice into practice. Practice, practice, and practice make better interviews! 

So what is the moral of this article? - Job searching comes with many different aspects, and your chances might get slim when you mess up one or two factors. From networking, applying, resume crafting, and interviewing, while all can be hectic, but there are tools (most of them are FREE, too!) out there to help you prepare and strategize your job search. Try out these tools, and maybe they are the reason to help you get your foot in the door! 

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