5 Myths About Getting A Job That We Should Stop Believing 
Rene Cheng

Whether you are a soon-to-graduate student or someone who is looking for a career change, you probably heard some fearful facts from your peers about the job market. Some might be about how your major determines your salary or something more dramatic. Let’s talk about some of the most common myths about getting a job that we should stop believing today. 
“My first job will be my last job, so I have to love it.”
Your first job will not be your last job; let’s get this straight. Your first job will likely be your stepping stone into the industry. There are moments where you feel like the first job will determine your entire career path. However, things change. There might be a possibility that you will not like it. Try not to be pressured thinking that you will be “stuck” during your first job. Other options are out there for you to explore; therefore, don’t limit yourself to other opportunities.
“My job title determines how smart I am.”
Everyone starts their career from the beginning; therefore, your title does not define who you are as a professional. As a recent graduate, you might come across positions that end with Specialist, Analyst, Coordinator, and more; these do not define how smart you are. Your work quality determines who you are as an employee.
“If I make this amount of money, I will be happy.” 
Money and wealth don’t define your happiness entirely. I understand there are times in life financial could be a burden, but how much you make should not determine your satisfaction. It is a mindset of feeling grateful and fulfilled. Try practicing gratitude and appreciate your job, and fuel yourself with the knowledge and experiences. 

“I will not perform well because of my lack of experiences.”
Indeed, many recent graduates do not have real-life experiences in the workplace, and that’s why most job description states expected years of experience before you click apply. If you are looking to obtain an entry-level position, it is clear that the employers already know you have limited experience, so try not to beat yourself down. It will be your experience and also a learning experience while you move on with your career life. Let’s not get imposter syndrome to affect your mindset.
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“Adult life is going to be worse than being a student.” 
To be completely honest, I was in the same boat when I freshly graduated from college. I thought adulting would be 10x harder than being a student. Yes, indeed, it is valid to some extent. Being an adult means that you have more responsibilities. However, you get to adjust to what you like and make decisions on your own. It is an inevitable future we are all going into, and try not to let others’ opinions and thoughts affect how you see your future. 

Okay so, you probably heard many other myths people might tell you, but I hope that these myths are not going to affect how you see yourself in the future. You got this, and JobSeer is here to help you in your job search at any time. 
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