Five Must-Have Skills Recruiters Look For In A Resume
Rene Cheng
5 Must-Have Skills Recruiters Look For In A Resume
The skills section of the resume speaks volumes as it is the core section that demonstrates how you can succeed in the role. It does not matter how far along you are in your career journey, and the skills section is still the main section to determine whether you will move on to the next stage of the hiring process. Therefore, implementing the right skills and keywords into your resume is critical for getting noticed or even interviewed. 

In this article, we will detail what soft skills recruiters look for in a resume and how you can implement them into your customized resume. 

Before we begin, let’s talk about why resume skills are critical: 
Nowadays, recruiters and hiring managers screen through hundreds and more applicants each day. Their ultimate goal is to find an applicant who demonstrates their abilities and experiences through their skill section and how it matches with the given job description and requirements. Not only does technical and hard skills are a must, soft skills are also needed to help the recruiter visualize your personality based on your resume. 

In addition, your resume skills may determine and influence the salary figure. Usually, employers have a target set range for a particular job opening, and therefore, if your skills speak great value, there is a higher chance you could aim for a higher salary. 

Now that you understand the logic and importance of resume skills. Let’s talk about what skills recruiters look for in a potential candidate. 
Problem-Solving Skills 
Problem solving skills are a valuable addition to add on your resume. As it demonstrates how you can handle challenging tasks when they are thrown at you in a work place. Someone who has great problem solving skills are more likely to observe, think, and act quickly and accordingly based on the situation. In a workplace, it is inevitable that difficult situations may offer at times, therefore, having concrete and detailed problem-solving skills in your resume can help demonstrate you are a strong candidate. 
Leadership Skills
Whether you are in the beginning of your career or has been in the workforce for many years, leaderships skills are vital to mention in your resume. It is important to demonstrate these skills as it is used to motivate and encourage the team overall. Ideal leaders are people who communicate and motivate the team and listen to feedback to drive towards the company’s mission and success. In addition, the flexibility to solve problems in a professional manner is always critical in an ever-changing work environment. Even if you are someone who is in the beginning stages of your career, being your own leader is just as important as it shows you have self-discipline and determination for success. 

Adaptability Skills
Not only does your resume should demonstrates how you solve problems in a professional manner. Your adaptability skills are also worth to mention in your resume. Why? In a workplace, there are times when you are given more tasks that is outside of your job description, especially when you work in a start-up company. Therefore, showcasing your adaptability skills means that you are open and willing to learn new things to make adjustments in the workplace and company. 

Fun Fact: Many recruiters are looking for candidates who has great adaptability skills after the COVID-19 pandemic because of the great changes that it has caused in the world. Recruiters look for candidates who could adapt to changes easily in case there is another pandemic. Learn more here: Post Pandemic Hiring Trends: What Employers Are Looking For In A Potential Employee
Communication Skills
Quality and effective communication skills can lead to better job performance overall for the team. Proper communication skills are also critical to mention in your resume as it helps eliminate the unnecessary problems and duplication of work tasks. Especially when many people are working at home, communication skills are extremely critical and valuable to add on to your resume. 
Work Ethic 
Your attitude speaks louder than words! Having a good work ethic is one of the core reasons why the employer wants to hire you. Your attitude, determination, and dedication are all important factors to help you achieve your goals, and your team’s goals. 

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