Press Release: JobSeer Launches Visa Sponsorship Feature To Bridge More Diverse Candidates To Employers
Rene Cheng

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After JobSeer’s first release in February, JobSeer does not stop its momentum to bridge more diverse candidates to more employers with its built-in AI-powered job search features. In March of 2021, JobSeer launches the newest Visa Sponsorship Feature for its extension to help international students and workers simplify their job search by filtering the companies and employers that sponsor work visas. This feature aims to bridge more diverse candidates to employers by showing relevant visa sponsorship information for its users. 

With Visa Sponsorship Feature, users may find any companies’ visa sponsorship information by expanding the Company Insights tab and discover how many H1B visas have been filed in the past. The feature aims to make foreign students’ and workers’ job search process more transparent, straightforward, and efficient. On top of this new feature, users can still utilize other existing features to strategize their overall job search process to find the most suitable job positions based on their qualifications and preferences. 

JobSeer began with the mission to give the power back to job seekers’ hands, and JobSeer is committed to delivering more top-notch features to bridge the gap between candidates and employers closer. Visa Sponsorship Feature offers what foreign job seekers in the U.S. need to know before applying for a job to make the process more efficient and seamless and designed to help job seekers worldwide and create more chances for employers to hire more diverse candidates. With this plugin, users can easily navigate their job search with resourceful information while applying for jobs.    

JobSeer is continuing its momentum in providing more cutting-edge features to assist all job seekers worldwide for the best job searching experience. 
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