5 Funny Job Titles That You Can't Guess What They Actually Mean
Rene Cheng
You may come across various job titles during your job search that you might not know their responsibilities. However, have you seen any weird and odd job titles that just so happen to boost your curiosity and eagerness to understand what the responsibilities are? Well, here are some of the most bizarre job titles we have come across, and let me explain to you what they do. Prepare your abs because you might laugh (depending on your humor level).

Tech Singles Matchmaker 
You might think this is probably is a position as a cupid. Don’t let it confuse you; it is a position in which a person is responsible for hosting events for single people who work in the tech industry. June Escalada, the Founder of IllustratorHow, said this company also has a social media similar to Tinder, and you get to invite the person you like to the event. It sounds strange in a way, but it is quite a creative job title, in my opinion. 

Snake Milker
No, snakes do not make milk. A Snake Milker is someone who milks snakes from their venom, which will be used for medicine and laboratory purposes, according to Dima Suponau. It seems like a dangerous job, but it is a specialty in the zoology industry. I guess we no longer milk cows, but milk snakes?!

Okay, gopher, a type of animal to lives and eat underground. So, what does a person have to do with a gopher? Does the person who gets hired to be living and eating underground? Hm, no. The responsibility of a Newgopher is to be like a roadrunner. It is for someone who is always on the go. As a Newgopher, it requires a lot of energy, like for someone who goes to grab coffee and donuts, go for bank deposits, or package delivery, says Ron Blake. Honestly, this position sounds more like an internship position for me, but the name is kind of cute. 

Sales Ninja
You might imagine a Sales Ninja as another Halloween costume, yet, it is Sales Development Representative. Guy Arthur Canino says he couldn’t help but think Sales Ninja is holding a sword with a ninja costume running around in the store showing people where the changing room is. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t help but imagine a ninja doing cold calls in an office. 

The best is yet to come… Wizard of Want
9 out of 10, you have heard of the movie, Wizard of Oz, with all the fantasy storytelling and exciting characters that became American pop culture icons. Also, the word “wizard” means magical and fantasy. So, how do you define the job title - Wizard of Want? 

Brack Nelson, the Marketing Director of Incrementors SEO Services, says he was given the unique job title as a “Wizard of Want,” which conveys that directive in a fun and creative manner, in short - Marketing Director. Hm, super interesting. I wonder how you could explain this if this were in your resume?

Job titles could sometimes be tricky, like the ones I mentioned above; before moving towards the following job listing, read the job description carefully. Try out JobSeer as it strategizes your job search, helps with all of your job search efforts, and narrows your search scope with the desired job titles and preferences you want. So, you don’t have to worry about coming across these job titles on a job board. 

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