5 of the BEST Chrome Extensions To Increase Productivity for College Students Who Are Looking For A Job
Rene Cheng

As technology advances, many students utilize applications to help them stay focused to survive college. Evernote, Google Drive, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and more store in a special folder on my phone. What about when I am looking for an internship? Not only does surviving college become our Number 1 goal, getting an internship or a job is just as important. ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed - another folder in my phone. However, we all know applying for jobs cannot solely be done on your handy-dandy mobile phone, and as college students, productivity is one of our biggest enemies. 

Applications after applications, 587 different cover letters, 785 versions of resumes, 10+ tabs on your browser to keep track of which companies you applied to. Argh, it doesn’t sound too productive. So, the big question is, what are some ways to stay organized when looking for a job? Well, you are in the right place, as I will tell you 5 Chrome extensions to help you be more productive in your job search as a college student.

Pfft, yeah, all college students have this already, but Grammarly has to be on my list. Sending a resume or a cover letter filled with typos is a big turn-off for all recruiters. Jenny Winstead, the Program Manager at LA Tutors, suggested, “Grammar tools like Grammarly can help mitigate typos in email correspondence.” Having an error-free resume is not only essential, but it is also a sign of respect to the recruiters. Grammarly should always be on your extension deck whenever you write an essay, personal statement, resumes, and even cover letters. 

Many of us may have experienced the feeling of not knowing whether the job is the right fit; therefore, we might spend more time reading through the description. We have to be careful with job descriptions for college students, especially when we have limited experiences. However, JobSeer is designed to eliminate your challenge by parsing your resume to provide you a match score to indicate candidacy. It cuts through the long exhaustive job listings by detecting, highlighting, and prioritizing the most suitable jobs based on your qualifications and preferences so that you can stay productive and organized. 

Eliminate The Unnecessary Time with JobSeer
Have you ever had an experience of sending an email but unsure whether your recipient received or read it yet? Well, MailTrack helps you keep track of which of your emails have been read. (Yep, there might be times where people leave you on read). If you know the recruiter has read your email, follow-up! Ideally, follow-up in 3 business days or so because people are busy! Try not to piss them off, but always send a follow-up email. 
Are you someone who needs to keep a notebook to keep track of your everyday tasks? I am! Ultidash is an extension to help you stay organized, focused, and productive. The “Concentration Timer” feature allows you to remain undistracted during a specific time. You can set a dedicated time just for job searching, along with their tasks check box; you can cross out whatever tasks you have completed for the day and perhaps, reward yourself for a treat! 
Lastly, Huntr creates a pipeline to ensure your job applications are organized and filed correctly so that you can avoid and eliminate the unnecessary tabs of spreadsheets on your browser. Please type in your application status and drag it to the next step until you complete the channel for an offer! 
Well, you made it this far! I hope these Chrome extensions help you remain productive and focus during your job search. Job searching takes a lot of time and effort in each application; however, we are super grateful for these unique tools to stay focused on these crazy tasks. Happy job searching! 
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