3 Ways To Use JobSeer's Chrome Extension On Glassdoor
Rene Cheng
May 11, 2021
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When someone is looking for a job, where do you think they start from? Imagine yourself in the same position; where will YOU start? Our first action will probably be updating all of our resumes, drafting new cover letters, perfecting our LinkedIn profiles, and more. However, where do you start looking for jobs? Most likely on LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Jobs, eh, you already know the drill, basically all job search platforms; we probably have an account already. Now, when you are looking for a job, researching the company is part of the process, then where do you go? - Glassdoor. As we all know, Glassdoor is a platform where current or former employees could anonymously review companies and search and apply for jobs, so you get to have an idea how the company culture looks like and what type of interview questions the recruiters might ask. However, now with JobSeer, you can get more information regarding a particular company you are interested in while getting the most out of Glassdoor’s company information. As a Chrome extension plugin size, JobSeer’s functionality on Glassdoor can help with all of your job search efforts. Here are the following ways to use JobSeer’s AI-powered Chrome Extension tool to get the most out of Glassdoor’s resources. 

1. Understanding Your Candidacy With Match Score
Picture this. You are desperate for a job, and yet you don’t know whether you are applying for the proper position on Glassdoor based on your qualifications. Even Glassdoor provides all the information, including company reviews and interview questions on their site; your question about your qualifications is still unanswered. Now, to prevent these uncertainties about your candidacy for the position, JobSeer gives you a calculated match score by analyzing your resume in detail and comparing the job description to determine your candidacy. Not only so, JobSeer recommends the keywords that you are missing on your resume, so you can have a greater chance of passing through the ATS. Sounds easy? Yep, it is that easy to find out how you stand in a vast talent pool on Glassdoor with JobSeer. 

2. Expand Your Network With Recruiters’ & Employees’ Contact Finder 
From time to time, you would want to understand the company more by talking to the subject expert or someone in charge, maybe a recruiter or a current employee. With JobSeer’s functionality on Glassdoor, you can quickly uncover recruiters’ and employees’ contact in just two clicks. As a user, you will receive five credits per 24 hours to reveal contact information, and you can reach out to these experts through email. Visibility over everything - like everyone says. You put yourself out there and proactively reach out to the people you want to connect with, you will gain a higher chance of getting hired.
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3. Get Your Foot In The Door With Detailed Company Insights 
Imagine you are the interviewer, and the person you are interviewing does not know much about your company itself and leaves the interview with no questions. How does it look? If you are this interviewee who has little to no knowledge about the company itself, yikes. Gathering information about the company can provide you significant benefits, especially when competing with many other candidates. 
These are some of the questions you can ask yourself during your research about the company: 
What are some of the company’s services and products?
What is the industry? 
Where is the headquarters of the company, and does this company have any offices globally? 
Who is the CEO? Why did he/she start this company? 
When was this company founded? 
How has the company developed over the years?
You can have many other questions to support your company research, and the internet has all the information you need. Educate yourself with the company’s services, products, history, and even more before you head for an interview. While you can get a lot of the company’s information on Glassdoor, with JobSeer, you can get even more information regarding the company’s competitors, visa sponsorship history, and more. If you fueled yourself with the proper knowledge about the organizations, it shows the interviewer that you are prepared, sincere, and excited about the company! An excellent way to prepare for an interview is to compare your professional experiences to the company’s success and mission. Take advantage of this access to company insights with JobSeer on Glassdoor. 
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Ready to use JobSeer on Glassdoor?
Download JobSeer’s extension to have access to all of these features and strategize your overall job search process on other major job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Dice, Google Jobs, and Handshake. On Glassdoor, you may find out your candidacy in a vast talent pool, contact the right person about the job opportunity, and improve your knowledge about the company. JobSeer is continuously delivering innovative solutions for all job seekers around the globe. If you have any questions regarding JobSeer’s functionality on Glassdoor, please contact us at [email protected] 

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