Get Hired 10x Faster

Scan your resume, find out salaries and company insights, and uncover recruiters’ contact info with the JobSeer Chrome Extension compatible with LinkedIn, Indeed, Google Jobs, Dice and Handshake.

Get hired 10x faster

We tell you what recruiters won't tell you.

Unmatched Skills in Details

JobSeer gives you an accurate match score by scanning your resume to find matched and missing skills while providing full transparency to you.

Unmatched Skills in Details

We tell you what companies won't tell you.

Explore Unknown Company Insights

On top of the company size, revenue, and information stated on their website, JobSeer lays out a whole new rundown of company insights like competitor companies, funding rounds, and fraud alerts.

Explore Unknown Company Insights

We tell you what job boards won't tell you.

Find Out Whom To Keep In Touch With

Let them know you are a gem! JobSeer discovers recruiter's email and social profiles to help you gain more exposure to the company you are applying to. We also find out which company employees may be interested in giving you a referral or connect!

Find Out Who To Keep In Touch

Success Stories


Hamim Mirza

Sales Development Representative @Adaptavist

JobSeer was a great addition to my chrome extension deck. It was smart enough to help me find out how qualified I am compared to the job position with its Match Score Feature. I was also able to find out what type of skills I should improve on!


Jason Jia

Research Assistant @USC Hospital

Before I decided to go back to school, I tried out JobSeer to help myself find an internship. JobSeer decreased the time I spend on my search, and also helped me find the best suited ones. I ended up becoming a Medical Research Assitant at USC Hospital!

Tina Fehrenbach

Technical Sourcing Recruiter @Virgin Ordit

Prior to JobSeer, I was looking into Technical Recruiter positions. JobSeer was helpful to determine which positions are going to be the best fit and which ones are not without diving into detail for each one. I highly recommend JobSeer to job seekers, and I already have!


Shaojun Shen

Transport Planner

JobSeer detected jobs that are targeted and make my job search more efficient. The Match Score Feature is my go-to, because it tells me what my chances are. Also, the referral recommendation is useful for networking! Overall, JobSeer became my personal assistant in my job search process.